Jensen® Presents: The 60’s

Contains 14 DynIR Cabinets

Jensen® Presents: The 60’s

When it comes to bonafide vintage guitar Sonics, Jensen Loudspeakers® exist in a class of their own. Not only were they the certified must-have for Leo Fender’s first foray into Guitar Amplifiers, Jensen® cemented their heritage throughout the 1940s, -50s and -60s as the go-to for the period’s most legendary amps (including Fender®, Ampeg® and Gibson® no less). Fast forward to today and Jensen® exist as a steadfast pillar for traditional and contemporary guitar sonics alike – whether it’s classic vintage tone brimming with vibey mojo, or modern state-of-the-art design engineered to influence generation after generation, Jensen® continue their mission of pioneering drivers to inspire their customer’s creativity with sublime tone and night-after-night reliability.

Now – and new for 2024 – this legacy is available in DynIR Format with Jensen’s second release in the series, “Jensen® Presets: The 60’s”.

Looking to push your driver to the brink, get the best out of your front-loaded pedal arsenal and dial in crystalline highs with sublime bell-like chime? Sounds like you’re in the market for a vintage Ceramic speaker Sir! With every capture included in the “Jensen® Presets: The 60’s” collection, Jensen® delivers the archetypal Ceramic-powered drivers in their roster, primed for authentic 60’s “black-panel” style tones and set to elevate your sonics with all the tonal-prowess of their heritage range.

Packed with 14 exclusive official brand captures, expect the undisputed 60’s assortment of drivers from Jensen®’s portfolio including the C8R, C10R, C10Q, C12R, C12Q, C12N and C15N. Capture-wise, this really is a masterpiece! Fusing an exquisite mic selection and the crème de la crème when it comes to studio outboard, prepare yourself for the perfect blend of primo tone and seamless adaptation from the studio to the stage. Add to all of this a custom Black-Panel enclosure roster comprising a selection of certified must-haves – inspired by Fender®’s 60’s era Champ®, Princeton® Reverb, Vibrolux® Reverb, Super Reverb®, Deluxe® Reverb, Twin Reverb®, 67 Bandmaster® and Vibroverb® no less – and all rudiments are set for tone that’s brimming with vibe and oozing with swinging 60’s mojo.

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