Don Broco BritVint 212 G12


The Don Broco BritVint 212 G12 is an official capture from Don Broco’s Simon Delaney, inspired by – and captured from – a Marshall® 1936 Vintage 2×12 outfitted with a pair of Celestion® G12-65s.

Originally heralding from the 70’s, the infamous G12-65 remains a mainstay in the modern world of contemporary guitar sonics. Famed for its fast attack, tuned mid-range, crisp defined top-end and tightly controlled low-end, it’s perfect for high-gain tone-smiths looking to cut through virtually any mix! After listening to some of Simon’s next-level riffage, we can see exactly why he gravitates towards this driver! When plumbed into a Simon’s Marshall® 1936 Vintage 2×12, the companion G12’s really pop – there’s balance, boat-loads of power, deft precision and exacting dispersion that really gets the best out of one of Celestion®’s most iconic Heritage Series drivers!

The Don Broco BritVint 212 G12 is part of the new-for-2023 Don Broco Collection. Captured at the legendary Decoy Studios using a stellar studio-grade mic specification and exquisite recording peripherals, expect bonafide Grade A Studio sonics that are primed for all your studio and live exploits!

DynIR Capture made by Don Bronco from a Marshall® Inspired 1936 Guitar cabinet.
The capture was made on a 2x12 Closed-back cabinet loaded with Celestion® G12-65 speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Dyn 421
    Based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Cnd 87
    Based on Neumann® U87
  • Rbn 121
    Based on Royer® R-121
  • Rbn 160
    Based on beyerdynamic® M160
  • Dyn 57
    Based on Shure® SM57
  • Cnd BTL414
    Based on AKG® C414 B-TL II
  • Dyn 409
    Based on Sennheiser® MD409
  • Cnd Fet 47
    Based on Neumann® U47 FET

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