That’s a wrap folks! GENOME’s Beta Testing registration is now closed!

A huge thanks to the legion of Tone Heads that have registered to help make this software platform the best it can be! 

For those of you that missed our NAMM announcement, GENOME is our all-new carrier class software ecosystem engineered for the pinnacle in tone shaping. At its core: our critically-acclaimed next-generation DynIR cabinet emulation for on-demand access to 500+ virtual guitar & bass cabinets, studio-grade microphones and pristine recording environments. For total command of any in-the-box or physical post-amp signal chain, GENOME’s surgically-tuned STUDIO FX and player-centric workflow empower you with the pinnacle in next-generation pro-grade tools. Available in plugin- and standalone-formats, GENOME is primed and ready to deliver consistent, reliable tone from the studio to the stage.

So, the million dollar question: When’s the public release date?

Currently we are slating Q1 2023 as our public debut. Why? Well, we have a few things up our sleeves that will forever change the way you think about the Two notes ecosystem! Looking to get first in line? We’ve got you covered! Any Wall of Sound or Two notes hardware user will have access to GENOME absolutely FREE at launch – if you’re on the fence about diving headfirst into our expansive ecosystem, as little as one cabinet purchase guarantees AAA access to our 2023 firebrand release! 

9 thoughts on “GENOME’s Beta Test Registration Now Closed!

    • Jason Wilding says:

      We had a lot of people want to be part of it, a lot more than we anticipated… the first batch of Beta tester are being informed soon about the process!

  1. Richard Wasserman says:

    If I signed up for Beta testing, later received email saying I was in, but not in first group, and as of today still haven’t heard anything since then….am I out? Am I still in but not started yet?

  2. Bartholomew Boge says:

    Please, please just reassure us all that you won’t be moving to a subscription model? There hasn’t been a single occasion with any of the software vendors I’ve used in the past in which this turned out to be beneficial to me. I like to OWN my plug-ins, so that I’ll never have to worry about them disappearing on me later.

    • ross says:

      Hi Bartholomew, Thanks for reaching out! No, we have no plans to move to a subscription model at this time! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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