GENOME New Customer Incentive

Terms and Conditions

  • The Two notes GENOME New Customer Incentive is an always on promotion with no fixed end date 
  • The Two notes GENOME New Customer Incentive is hosted – and redeemed – exclusively via the Two notes web store ( Two notes accepts no liability to ensure this promotional initiative is replicated across any affiliate or 3rd party reseller platform; furthermore, Two notes waives any responsibility to reimburse any windfall for purchases made on any such resale platform 
  • Two notes reserves the right to end any discount schemes without prior notice 
  • Two notes reserves the right to remove qualifying DynIR/Component Collections from the New Customer Incentive promotional initiative at will 
  • During the promotional campaign, new Two notes customers – or Two notes account holders without a GENOME licence assigned to their account – will be eligible for a 20% discount on GENOME, plus any DynIR Cabinet Collection or GENOME Component Collection listed for resale via the Two notes site. This promotional incentive is limited to a single transaction on the aforementioned Two notes web store and cannot be redeemed across multiple separate transactions
  • This promotion is not valid against single GENOME Component purchases or individual DynIR purchases 
  • Promotional pricing for the aforementioned 20% discount is automatic and will be shown at checkout providing the designated promotional conditions have been met
  • In the event that multiple DynIR Cabinet Collections or Component Collections are added to the cart, the noted 20% discount will be applied to a cart total of GENOME plus the eligible components only
  • This promotional offer is GENOME and compatible-component centric only; no Two notes hardware will be eligible for the promotional discount and will be excluded from the aforementioned discount accordingly 
  • This promotional initiative is configured as single-use-only per Two notes account holder; as such, it can be used once by a qualifying customer with an authorised and activated Two notes account 
  • GENOME Components inclusive of DynIR cabinets cannot be sold, transferred to other users and/or redeemed for cash; furthermore, Two notes Audio Engineering does not offer returns, rebates, or any other value in the event of technical malfunctions based on the software used, or lack thereof, at the time of the purchase. The onus is on the customer to understand the proprietary nature of the Two notes ecosystem and how and where the aforementioned GENOME Components and DynIRs can be used