The Dave Friedman Collection


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 25 years, David Friedman needs no introduction. A legendary amp-modder to the echelons of guitar royalty, including Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell to name but a few. An innovative amp and cabinet designer, with a roster engineered to fuel an army of discerning tone enthusiasts internationally. A perfectionist, inspecting every amp, ensuring it meets his exacting standards.

Each Friedman amplifier is built in the U.S.A. to Dave’s exacting standards using hand selected components. After a rigorous burn in process, Dave inspects, tunes, plays and signs the chassis of every amplifier before shipping.

If you haven’t gathered it by now, he knows a thing-or-two about stellar tone!

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Capturing The Dave Friedman Collection

What happens when you get an icon in the Amplifier world and put them in the legendary Sunset Sounds studio? The Answer: The Dave Friedman Collection! In 2021, the Two notes team, the engineers at the legendary Sunset Sounds studio and Dave Friedman himself embarked on capturing a selection of 5 rare, tonally distinct 4×12” cabinets outfitted with a selection of must-have, and hard-to-come-by Celestion® drivers.

Each DynIR was meticulously recorded through the legendary 68×16 Custom Discreet Console using in-house mics. In short, the result has to be heard to be believed. Power? Oh Yes. Clarity? Most definitely. Mojo? You’d better believe it! If you’re ready to enrich your tone with iconic Friedman wizardry and the air of a legendary recording space – this is one collection you can’t afford to miss!

Dave Friedman Packs

Dave Friedman Cabinets