Control your Torpedo hardware from your computer

Torpedo hardware units are standalone units with all parameters editable on the hardware.

With Torpedo Remote, edit Torpedo hardware parameters via your computer (Mac OS and Windows).

Torpedo Wireless Remote gives you access to edit the parameters of your Torpedo C.A.B. M on your tablet and phone (iOS and Android).

Browse cabinets and third party Impulse Responses (IRs) stored in your Torpedo hardware with Torpedo Remote and Torpedo Wireless Remote. Also, edit and save presets quickly.

Please note all Torpedo hardware firmware updates are managed by Torpedo Remote on your computer. Naturally, an internet connection is required for firmware updates.

Preview any of the 300 additional speaker cabinets from the Two notes Store in real time through Torpedo Remote on your computer.

Torpedo Remote 5 with Torpedo C.A.B. M, Live and C.A.B.

Torpedo Remote 5 offers a new interface layout with updated menus to manage presets, cabinets and IRs.

By upgrading their firmware through Torpedo Remote 5, Torpedo Live and Torpedo C.A.B. owners gain dual miking and longer IRs.

The software operates in three modes; Simulation mode, Arcade mode and IR Loader mode.

Simulation mode

Have the luxury of staging two high quality microphones to capture your tone, anywhere around the cabinet.

Tweak your sound with the multi-band eq and place your rig in one of the 8 different reverb rooms.

Every virtual cabinet comes with a dedicated collection of 8 microphones.

Arcade mode

Arcade mode has been designed to offer simple access to high quality speaker simulation sounds.

Just choose one cabinet and one microphone and fine tune your sound with predefined parameters.

It has never been so easy to mic a cabinet and get your tone.

IR Loader mode

This mode gives you a dedicated environment for third party Impulse Responses (IRs).

Use two IRs simultaneously.

Fine tune with multi-band eq and reverb.

Torpedo Wireless Remote

TheTorpedo C.A.B. M can be controlled from your smartphone or your tablet with Torpedo Wireless Remote.

Available for Android or iOS, you can tweak your presets, change cabinets or third party IRs that are in the pedal without bending down to your pedalboard.

Torpedo Wireless Remote for Android Torpedo Wireless Remote for iOS

Torpedo Remote 5 for Torpedo Studio

The Torpedo Studio offers further possibilities over other hardware such as simultaneously having cabinets in different rooms.

In addition to cabinet selection, mic placement, and room choice, you also have a compressor, an expander, the full parametric eq and the Overload parameter.

Torpedo Remote 5 for Torpedo Studio allows you to link sections together, for example, the compressor. IRs can be loaded via the Simulation mode. Torpedo Studio also offers Arcade mode.


Available versions:

  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.9 and higher (Intel only)
  • PC: Windows 10 (recommended), Windows 7