Torpedo Wall of Sound



ReleasED ON 2021-07-20


Bug fixes

  • Fixed AU validation issue (Logic Pro)


ReleasED ON 2021-06-30


Bug fixes

  • Fixed random crash during DAW project loading


ReleasED ON 2021-06-22


Bug fixes

  • AAX installation issue has been fixed. (Mac OSX only)
  • Path creation issue on OSX systems with case sensistive paths has been fixed. (Mac OSX only)


ReleasED ON 2021-06-12


Quality-of-life improvements

  • Simplified account creation and login process

Bug fixes

  • Safety and performance updates


ReleasED ON 2020-11-26

Bug fixes

  • “Remember me” login issue has been fixed: for some users, this feature was not working properly


ReleasED ON 2020-11-04

Quality-of-life improvements

  • Improvement of UI performance in DAWs


ReleasED ON 2020-06-08

Bug fixes

  • Automatic update issue fix


ReleasED ON 2020-06-03

Added features

  • New settings are available when using user IRs

Bug fixes

  • Presets containing user IRs are not corrupted any more after the User impulse directory is changed
  • Presets and DAW projects containing user IRs can now be reloaded on different computers
  • The user IRs are now loaded using the User impulse directory
  • Several random crashes have been fixed
  • User account creation now supports non-latin characters


ReleasED ON 2020-10-29

Bug fixes

  • Torpedo Wall of Sound can now be installed on MacOSX 10.15 Catalina
  • Fixed EQ initialisation issue: the EQ pararameters are now properly initialised after project reloading and during project rending


ReleasED ON 2020-10-07

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Logic Pro plugin registration issue


ReleasED ON 2020-09-30

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Reverb initialisation issue: the Reverb pararameters are now properly initialised after project reloading and during project rending.
  • Fixed ProTools project loading performance.
  • Fixed several MP3 and WAV rendering issues.
  • Fixed account creation issue: it is now possible to use unicode characters for in first name and last name.


ReleasED ON 2020-06-18

Bug fixes

  • Fixed random crash with license containing more than 300 cabinets


ReleasED ON 2020-05-29

Bug fixes

  • Fixed regression for DAW project containing user IRs


ReleasED ON 2020-05-02

Bug fixes

  • DAW project saved with a preview cabinet can now be reloaded
  • Microsoft VC redist package is no more needed to install the WoS plugin


ReleasED ON 2020-04-01

Bug fixes

  • Pro Tools project reload: when a Pro Tools project was reloaded, all the WoS’ instances were initialized with the default cabinet. This bug has been fixed
  • DAW rendering: WoS was crashing or producing a silent track under certain circumstances while DAW was in rendering process. This bug has been fixed


ReleasED ON 2020-02-01

Bug fixes

  • Performance issue when WoS window pops-up : a regression was introduced between 4.2.6 and 4.3.0. It has been fixed
  • Crash or hang after a usage of 10-15 min with Logic: this issue has been fixed
  • Plugin validation in Logic: the validation process can now be run when the WoS is in use
  • Preset and DAW project reloading in Arcade mode: WoS setup in Arcade is now correct after reloading
  • Cabinet and Preset popup menus size have been increased: the size of the popup menus is not dependent anymore on the window’s size
  • Invalid VST3 folder installation on Windows: it has been fixed
  • DAW track duplication issue : WoS instances were not properly initialized after a track duplication. It has been fixed
  • Link channel mic issue in simulation mode : sometimes, linked channels were not properly synchronized after moving the microphones
  • Several minor UI fixes


ReleasED ON 2020-01-01

Added features

  • New VST3 plugin format support

Bug fixes

  • DAW project reloading issue for projects containing user’s IRs: user IRs were not properl
    set after reloading. This problem is now solved
  • Sorting of user’s presets and IRs : user’s presets and IRs are now listed in alphabetical order
  • Product registration: the product registration window allows now to properly register a Two notes product
  • Destroy option in Arcade mode: the destroy option has now a real and controlled impact on the sound
  • Window resizing issue: the size of the WoS window was not properly handle by some DAWs (ProTools mainly). The size is now set and manage according to the size of the screen.
  • Logout issue in Arcade mode: the logout option was making the WoS hanging. Login is now possible after a logout
  • Duplicated cabinets in cabinet’s list: some cabinets were listed twice in the cabinet list
  • Expired trial license issue: the expired trial license window did not properly handle the end of trial period and the download of a new license. The countdown and the download now work properly
  • Default output volume issue: the output volume of the WoS was randomly set to 0 when it was added to a DAW track.
  • Empty store cabinet’s list issue: sometimes, the list of cabinets of the “La Boutique” window was empty
  • Arcade/Simulation switch issue: some parameter’s values were not properly converted during Arcade to Simulation and Simulation to Arcade switch.
  • Several random crashes: the overall stability of the WoS has been improved by fixing bugs related to the parallel processing

macOS only

  • Mono/Stereo issue for GarageBand: the Mono/Stereo is now properly supported in GarageBand

Windows only

  • The Windows installer is now signed to improve security during installation process