These artists recommend Two Notes…

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Stefan Schroff

“I love the Torpedo!!!!! It’s just brilliant!”

Renaud Louis-Servais

Renaud Louis-Servais
“What I love about the Torpedo C.A.B. is that it makes it possible to very quickly and still ever so musically emulate the expressiveness of my pedals and saturation, with no amps, no cabs, and no mics to set up.”

Michael Scheuchzer (MercyMe)

Michael Scheuchzer - MercyMe
“This Torpedo is unbelievable!!! I’ve never thought that a piece of gear like this would come close to a real guitar cab with a mic in front of it, but I was wrong!!!”

Pontus Norgren (HammerFall)

Pontus Norgren with Torpedo Live
HammerFall’s Pontus Norgren recommends the Torpedo Live for guitar recording.

Mike Campese

Mike Campese recommends Two Notes for recording guitars.

Charly Sahona

Charly Sahona recording guitars with Torpedo Reload
“Recording an amp in silence for your environment is now possible with the Torpedo Reload. It is a great step for today’s musicians.”

Byron Santo

Byron Santo Torpedo C.A.B.
“The Torpedo C.A.B. is the secret behind my live bass tone.”

Christoph Jaeger

Christoph Jaeger 02 600x600
“The Torpedo Live was the missing link in my setup. It’s a no brainer if you have tube amps and want to practise at home levels and record at high quality without having to operate a complex studio setup.”

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