Artist Series Complete Collection

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Artist Series Complete Collection

Seeking the very definition of leviathan level tone? Our new for 2023 Artist Series Complete Collection is a one-stop-shop, empowering you with legendary tonal prowess from a selection of cabinets that have defined the world of contemporary Guitar and Bass sonics!

Whether it’s Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn, Phil X, Ministry, Jeff Stinco, Erik Rutan, George Lynch, Don Broco, Romesh Dodangoda, Dave Friedman and many others to grace the Two notes DynIR archives, this collection pools every single Artist-Series DynIR into one super-saver assemblage!

From mainstage 4×12″s to surgical 1×12″s, expect a veritable smorgasbord of speaker sizes, driver types and configurations, captured at iconic studio facilities using only the best studio peripherals and microphones money can buy. With the “Artist Series Complete Collection”, the days of accepting static impulse responses that tie you to one mic, in one place, on your favorite Artist cabinet are well and truly over; with DynIR and our Artist Series assemblage, you’re primed to experience total control of the most epic collection of virtual cabinets ever pulled together!


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