The Old Guard

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The Old Guard

What do you get when you fuse the glamour and power of West Coast America with the grit and determination of South East England? Enter The Old Guard, the undisputed powerhouses of our 700+ strong catalogue of DynIRs in the Two notes library.

In the Red, White and Blue corner, the US heavyweight champion Mesa Boogie®; the first contender to join Two notes’ acclaimed ranks. In the opposite (ehem) Red, White and Blue corner, the current UK tag-team heavyweight champs, Victory® Amps and Celestion® Digital.

Ding, Ding Ding. Let’s get ready to rumble!

For the first time, Two notes have curated these three brands – the transatlantic tonal powerhouses – together into one mega collection. From oversized Mesa® Rectos, to searing Victory® Krakens and timeless Celestion® V30s – lest we forget Calis, Filmores, Lonestars, Powerhouses, Subways, Duchesses, Coppers, Sheriffs, Rubies and Blues – the sonic scope The Old Guard delivers is undeniably palpable!

Virtually every speaker size. Check! Virtually every cab & speaker combo. Check! Primed for virtually any scenario. Check! When it comes to Two notes collections, this pack is a pound-for-pound knockout and the definitive victor when it comes to the combined power of these legends in the DynIR catalogue

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