Heaven Sent

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Heaven Sent

When it comes to peerless tone worthy of your Sunday Morning worship, the 500+ strong Two notes DynIR Catalogue exists in a class of its own. Fusing our class-leading cabinet emulation technology and a myriad of captures inspired by the world’s most renowned amp and cab manufacturers, the tonal palette available to tone connoisseur is – put simply – awe inspiring. In creating a cabinet collection designed exclusively for the Praise and Worship Musical Community, we dug deep through the Two notes annals to ensure every base was covered for any tonal exploit.

Whether it’s captures inspired by a Matchless® ESD with 2 V30s, a Two Rock® 2×12 loaded with WGS® speakers, Pete Thorn’s legendary touring Port City® M75, a Celestion® captured Vox® 2×12 or a Fender® 1×12 Blackface, you can be certain our standout tonal prowess is primed to deliver stellar, reliable sonics whatever the occasion.

When your performance demands nothing short of iconic, uplifting tone, fall back on Heaven Sent to deliver the goods and so much more!

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