Masterbuilt Cabinet Collection

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Masterbuilt Cabinet Collection

Introducing Masterbuilt, Two notes’ expertly curated selection of boutique-made – and hard-to-come-by – cabs, all brimming with soulful mojo and dead-set on peppering your tone with an air of premium je ne sais quoi.

Featuring cabs inspired-by Bogner®, Mezzabarba®, Diezel® and Metropoulos®, plus official brand releases courtesy of Revv® and Invaders Amplification® – not to mention artist-series mainstays from the likes of Pete Thorn and Phil X – this apex assemblage is primed and ready to empower you with nothing short of topflight tone.

Captured in some of the finest facilities to ever grace the Two notes ecosystem, with pro-grade outboard and a mic collection to boot, to call this collection primo is nothing but a disservice. This is Grade-A certified masterbuilt cabs for prize winning tone, whatever the performance scenario!

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