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Romesh Dodangoda | Studio Essentials

When your roster includes Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend, Twin Atlantic, Nova Twins, Kids In Glass Houses, Sylosis, The Ghost Inside and (many) more, it’s plain to see you know a thing or two about primo guitar sonics. Enter GRAMMY & Mercury nominated Romesh Dodangoda, Producer and gun-for-hire when it comes to producing, recording and mixing some of the world’s seminal contemporary releases. His gear collection is palpable. His tonal expertise is second-to-none. He’s an arbiter of precision exactitude. Capping this off, Romesh is a killer axe-smith to boot, devoting decades to honing the perfect recorded guitar tone – but don’t take our word for it, check out his back-catalogue and listen for yourself!

When given the opportunity to work with Romesh on a DynIR cab collection, all captured in his purpose-built HQ in the heart of Cardiff and expertly tuned for stand-out studio-grade tone, it’s an understatement to say we jumped at the chance!

Cab- and driver-wise, this collection is a sonic goldmine. With 10 captures inspired by the likes of Mesa Engineering®, Zilla®, Marshall®, Orange, BlackStar®, Laney® and Victory®, lest we forget a driver assortment featuring Celestion®’s finest, this really is a release of nefarious proportions for the studio-centric axe-smith. Add to this Romesh’s personal mic collection, primo outboard and Capture Master (Adam Steel: Hop Pole Studios) into the mix, and the resultant captures speak for themselves. Oozing with definition, clarity and the unadulterated tone of certified-hit-making enclosures, this is the definitive collection when it comes to players seeking to add headliner-grade sonics to their tonal arsenal.

The level of care and meticulous attention to detail taken to produce this 10-cab-strong collection was unmatched. Romesh painstakingly auditioned every speaker in his cabinet assemblage, ensuring only the best representation of the enclosure and driver at hand was captured. Every mic placement was verified to ensure an exacting response without compromise. We tested, and tested again in order that every subtle nuance of the target cab was captured. Boy did this pay-off.

Thinking this is just another run-of-the-mill IR collection would be a mistake.
This is the definitive Crème de la crème when it comes to modern studio-grade guitar sonics.
This is the Romesh Dodangoda | Studio Essentials DynIR Cabinet Collection.

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