Noise Factory | Stage and Studio: Masters Edition

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Noise Factory | Stage and Studio: Masters Edition

Let’s face it, your demands on your tone are stringent: it’s got to be perfect every time, requiring seamless adaptation from the studio to the stage and everywhere in between. Introducing the Stage and Studio: Masters Edition courtesy of DynIR heavyweights Noise Factory; every cab including in their groundbreaking Bilateral and Bay Area Power collections primed and ready to empower your tone with sublime definition, whether it’s playing live or tracking the perfect take.

First, The Bilateral Collection. Whether you find yourself drawn to a smokey jazz club or you’re ready-to-unleash the most Djent of tones, the cabinets and speakers adorning the Bilateral Collection won’t disappoint. With captures inspired by Two Rock®, Morgan® and Marshall® mainstays, not to mention premium drivers to boot, everything the discerning tone chaser demands is here.

Next, Bay Area Power. When you think LA’s Bay Area, one Amp brand shines through more than any other: we are of course talking about Bogner Amplification®. Sublime tone. Perfectly tuned response. A heritage backed by the guitar god elite. Fittingly, Noise Factory’s tribute to this legendary brand is simply breathtaking: 6 exquisite DynIRs captured from one 4×12” cab outfitted with three different speakers (including a Celestion® Vintage 30, an Eminence® Governor, and a WGS® Veteran) and lest we forget, the industry standard API 500 512C on preamp duties.

If you’re seeking the pinnacle in tonal versatility, fused with impeccable response and unfettering articulation, you need a swiss-army-knife DynIR collection. Save yourself the brother and discover Noise Factory’s Stage and Studio: Masters Edition: your first – and last – port of call into a world of adaptable tonal bliss.

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