ENGL® Smoker’s Blend

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ENGL® Smoker’s Blend

Roll-up, roll-up Toneheads! ENGL®’s just hit an all-time high! With five new-for-2023 captures inspired by their stock cab arsenal – all retrofitted with the ever-popular Eminence® Cannabis Rex driver no less – this DynIR cab collection is a sure-fire guarantee for high-grade potency in the all-important tone department!

There’s a new sound in town and it’s all about that good ol’ hemp! The cosmic lovechild of Woodstock and Workshop, Eminence®’s Cannabis Rex harnesses the untapped sonic prowess of the world’s most-loved wonderplant, elevating traditional and progressive guitar sonics to stratospheric – neigh, psychedelic – heights. Whether it’s some indican-impact to cut through any mix or a touch of sativan-swagger to enrich your tone with a one-of-a-kind edge, the 50W Cannabis Rex’s hemp cone delivers a pronounced mid-range punch fused with buttery smooth balanced highs – a bonafide must-have for blues, country, and classic/alt-rock aficionados. In short, if you’re looking to elevate your guitar game, remember, it’s all about that hemp, man. Peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll!

Comprising a selection of 1×12”, 2×12” and 4×12” Grade-A captures inspired by ENGL®’s current critically-acclaimed line-up, the Smoker’s Blend DynIR Cabinet Collection delivers the epitome of Germany’s finest tone-bending know-how. Unique? Check! Distinctive? Check! Versatile? You’d better believe it! The ENGL® alti-verse just expanded and boy have they delivered the proverbial goods!

It’s a stone hard fact: If ENGL® puts their name on it, it meets their exacting standards when it comes to the all-important tone department. The ENGL® Smoker’s Blend DynIR cabinet collection has been expertly captured using an in-demand collection of mics and pro-grade recording peripherals to guarantee seamless adaptability from the studio to the stage.

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