Laney Complete Collection

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Laney Complete Collection

The Laney cabinet collection featured in this pack offers a superb range of practical cabinet options for both guitar players and bass players alike. Featuring some incredibly rare and unique Laney cabinets responsible for helping define the sound of a genre and going on to influence a legion of players around the world right up until the present day. Exquisitely captured at Hop Pole studio, Manchester, UK, the all new Laney DynIR virtual cabinets are a must-have for any tone chaser, offering an uncompromising capture of some of the industry’s most revered guitar and bass cabinets. Cabinets included in this release:

10 guitar cabinets:

  • Laney CUB-112: Open back H/H® speakers 1 x 12″ Woofer H1265
  • Laney CUB-212: Open back H/H® speakers 2 x 12″ Woofer H1265
  • Laney GS212IE: Closed back H/H® speakers 2 x 12″ Woofer H1280
  • Laney GS412IA: Closed back H/H® speakers 4 x 12″ Woofer H1280
  • Laney L20T-212: Open back Celestion® G12H70th Anniversary + Celestion®  Vintage 30
  • Laney LT212: Closed back Celestion® G12H 70th Anniversary speakers
  • Laney LA212: Closed back Celestion® G12M-25 Greenback speakers
  • Laney LA412: Closed back Celestion® G12H 75 speakers
  • Laney TI412S: Closed back Celestion® G12H 75 M
  • Laney LA412 HLC: (Late 69/70’s cab) – Closed back  4 x Green label Goodmans®

5 Bass cabinets (all from the DigBeth range):

  • Laney DBV212-4: H/H®  Speakers Black Series
  • Laney DBV212-4 Tweeter: miked on Tweeter
  • Laney DBV410-4:  H/H®  Speakers Black Series
  • Laney DBV410-4 Tweeter: miked on Tweeter
  • Laney DBV 810-4: H/H®  Speakers Black Series

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