Bommel’s Vintage Vigilantes

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Bommel’s Vintage Vigilantes

Hot-on-the heels of the seminal “Anechoic Chamber” and “Customs & Classics” collections, Bommel’s back with the uber-left-field Vintage Vigilantes DynIR Cabinet collection. Fusing the perfect blend of the super-rare and hard-to-come-by relics – not to mention non-traditional driver choices and a killer mic selection to boot – Bommel’s Vintage Vigilantes is primed to deliver tone that challenges the Status Quo without compromising the primo sonics this long-standing capture master is renowned for!

When it comes to enclosures, all we can say is ‘brace yourself’! There’s a Grundig® radio conversion, an Echolette® 2×12, a LifeSound® 2×12, a rare Bell and Howell® 1×12 and even a hard to come by RCA® 1×10. Add to this a driver arsenal including Redcatt®’s 121FIND, Celestion®’s Hempback, Eminence®’s Cannabis Rex and Visaton®’s HiFi spectacular W200S, and the match is well and truly set for mojo-fuelled sonics brimming with one-of-a-kind tonal prowess!

In short, if you’re a discerning tone-chaser that demands nothing short of perfection with a smattering of unique edge, this is one pack your tonal armoury can’t afford to be without!

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