Official Brand Collective

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Official Brand Collective

It’s a stone-hard fact, our industry is brimming with legends; whether it’s Mesa Boogie®, ENGL®, Victory®, REVV®, Celestion Digital®, Hughes & Kettner®, Laney®, or Ashdown®, each iconic manufacturer delivers a unique tonal watermark to enrich your tone!

Two notes are proud to work with only the most legendary of amp designers and brands that sit at the pinnacle of their trade. It’s a stone hard fact: No one knows speakers and cabinets like the teams who design the amp: master builders who wrote the book on speaker selection, cabinet design and room acoustics. They understand every integral facet to the tone they had in their heads, right back when they first laid out the blueprint for their sonic masterpieces.

To celebrate our Official Brand releases we’ve collated every related DynIR and into one mega pack. Whether it’s mighty 4×12″s, articulate 1×12″s or even thunderous 8×10″s, expect a mind-altering assortment of speaker sizes, driver types and configurations, complimented by only the very best studio and live mics money can buy.

With the “Official Brand Collective” from Two notes, long-gone are the days of accepting static impulse responses that tie you to one mic, in one place, on your favorite brand cabinet; with DynIR, experience total unadulterated control of the greatest collection of virtual cabinets ever put together!

These are the brands that trust Two notes with their tone.

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