LA Son: Rock Edition

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LA Son: Rock Edition

For tone-heads venturing into the high-gain, high-power realms of modern alternative rock and metal, one brand stands apart. Soldano®. It’s the epitome of a Cinderella story: born in an ex-bordello, today Soldano® is widely recognised as one of the leading go-go custom amp and cabinet brands. With a lineage backed by the guitar elite including Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Mick Mars to name but a few, it’s easy to see why!

LA Son: Rock Edition is a fitting tribute to this legendary brand from our latest capture master to enter the ring, MII. Featuring 4 captures comprising a pair of 2x12s and two 4x12s, each outfitted with an expertly selected companion speaker (from the likes of Celestion® and Eminence®), this pack delivers the rich tone and exacting response your performance demands. It goes without saying, the Soldano® sound is ubiquitous in the wonderful world of the electric guitar. Deftifying clarity. Impeccable articulation. No-holds-barred gain. It’s no wonder they’re a mainstay in studios and stages internationally; a true tonal backbone for the forward thinking player!

Our advice: give up on the studio tan and jump at the opportunity to level up your arsenal with the warm, powerful sound that’s synonymous with the Gold Coast!

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