Sucker Punch

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Sucker Punch

This is Sucker Punch! Two note’s tribute to Pop Punk and the angst-fuelled, never-back-down attitude of a disenfranchised youth that fuels this mainstream genre.

In a nutshell: modern tones with guts and feel lies at the crux of this collection, inspired by legion of bands including Panic! At The Disco, Fallout Boy, Pennywise and Good Charlotte.

If your manifesto reads something like: take on the world, give the disillusioned masses a focal point and talk to them in a way no other artists can, then this is the DynIR collection for you. With captures inspired by Mesa®, Marshall®, Orange®, Laney® and Vox®, the unrelenting power and sublime sonics are primed to deliver the catchy leads, palm-muted frenzy and power-chord precision your very own pop punk anthem demands!

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