Pete Thorn Signature Tones Collection

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Pete Thorn Signature Tones Collection

Introducing the « Pete Thorn Signature Tones » DynIR Collection. Featuring a selection of unique cabinets used by Pete over the years in studio and stage scenarios, this collection represents Pete’s favorite go-to tones from his personal collection. The pack includes some vintage hard-to-find rarities that are highly sought after – if you want great Greenback, Blackback and boutique Greenback style tones, look no further… we’ve even thrown in some V30 and Alnico Blue action for good measure!

The Pete Thorn Signature Tones DynIR Collection was captured in Studio 1 at the legendary Sunset Sound, in Hollywood, CA; the very same room where artists such as Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors crafted their rock and roll masterpieces. Harnessing the sonic-prowess of the custom, legendary, discrete recording console in studio 1, and fusing this with Pete’s discerning taste in microphones results in a collection that is a must-have for any tone chaser. From go-to studio standards such as the Shure SM57 and Royer 121, to some of Pete’s unique favorites such as the Sennheiser 441 and Audio Technica 4050, everything you need to add your own distinctive flavor to these captures is included.

Pete’s Mission to you: Use this pack to inject some Legendary Sunset Sound magic and mojo into your tones!

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