Delta Blues

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Delta Blues

At a tonal Crossroads? Stuck at the junction of 61 and 49? From the depths of the Delta, the Blues migrated up to Chicago and with it brought an entirely new concept of tone, feel and passion to guitar players everywhere.

Serious about tone, this is ‘Proto-Tone’ at it’s finest!

This 10-cab strong Delta Blues collection fuses the tones we all love: from Jazzy 120’s, to ’59 ‘Men of Bass’, to the ‘Modern Super’ courtesy of ‘Mr X’, they’re all here! In a nutshell, It’s all the core tones we chase, conveniently packed into one handy collection.

If you’re looking to take your sound from the origins of the Delta Blues, through to modern cabs that truly sing – and everywhere in between – this collection is an absolute must-have!


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