ENGL: Signature #77

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ENGL: Signature #77

Your demands on your tone are stringent: stellar balance, exceptional full-range response and tone that oozes with depth and power – in-short, the perfect foundation that ensures you’re set to play on your A-game! Enter the ENGL: Signature #77 collection from German-born amplifier and cabinet legends Engl Amplification®.

Featuring a selection of 1×12”, 2×12” and 4×12” captures inspired by Engl’s current critically-acclaimed lineup, retrofitted with the legendary Eminence® DV-77 Mick Thomson Signature Drivers, this series is set to elevate your tone with all the power, precision and articulation you demand!

If you’re in the market for super-tight punchy lows, a harmonically rich & complex mid-range, and crystal-clear uber-smooth highs, Signature #77 DynIRs won’t disappoint. Take it from us, sheer adaptability and an exceptional mic collection, all underpinned by the tone-bending knowhow of one of Germany’s elite amplifier manufacturers, is the perfect recipe for “certified classic” status from the outset.

It’s a stone hard fact: If Engl puts their name on it, you can be damn sure it meets their exacting standards when it comes to the all-important tone department. From mean to clean, and everywhere in between, it’s well and truly time to level-up your collection with Engl’s all-new Signature #77 DynIRs.

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