Kaiju Cabs

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Kaiju Cabs

The Two notes DynIR archive is brimming with next-generation captures; from our Artist-Series releases to our genre-themed pack assemblages, there really is something for every player. Once in a blue moon, we don’t just release a big collection, we unleash a Monster-Level tonal armoury that guarantees to deliver the pinnacle in primo sonics!

Enter Kaiju Cabs, a titan-grade collection inspired by a legend in the custom-cab market, Zilla®. Fusing a made-to-measure specification, bonafide grade-A components and tone that has to be heard to be believed, Zilla® exist in a class of their own. Whether it’s punchy 1×12’s, surgical 2×12’s or rafter-rattlin’ 4×12’s, their tailor-made spec fused with unmatched know-how guarantees to deliver the goods in spades!

Featuring 31 expert-level captures, outfitted with a nefarious speaker assortment and a pro-grade mic collection that’s to die for, this is your prime opportunity to dive headfirst into certified custom-shop sonics. From clean to mean, and everywhere in-between, Kaiju Cabs delivers on any need: whether it’s cutting through the mix like it were butter or levelling your audience as if they were bolser-wood skyline, this collection has to be heard to be believed!

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