Indie 500

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Indie 500

This is Indie 500, a carefully curated selection of cabinet packs, primed for the indie enthusiast seeking nothing short of stand-out tone to break the mainstream.

If you’re bent on seeding the underground with a killer combo of pop-fuelled riffage and a die-hard do-it-yourself mantra, this selection of DynIRs delivers the tone, attitude and pop-culture transformation potential in spades!

The inspiration for this collection was simple: The 21st turn-of-the century guitar-driven music spearheaded by a new breed of band that took on manufactured pop head-on and lived to tell the tale.

When you think Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and the Kings of Leon, you think of iconic melodies underpinned by irresistible guitar based power pop that cemented the world of guitar as a juggernaut in the eyes of the masses! With cabinets inspired by Fender®, Blackstar®, Victory®, Matchless® and Vox®, the Indie 500 is in pole position to supercharge your tone with the o-so-cool attitude of the trailblazing indie elite!

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