Grindhouse Studios Athens Presents | GridIron

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Grindhouse Studios Athens Presents | GridIron

In the heart of Athens, in the shadow of the Parthenon, lies an untapped treasure of meteoric tonal excellence. Enter: GrindHouse Studios Athens and their inaugural release, GridIron. The brainchild of legendary tone-head and critically acclaimed engineer George Bokos (Nightfall, Rotting Christ), this collection has been a year in the making and boy was it worth the wait. The result is one of our most audacious releases to date! A killer assemblage of 11 captures, packed to the rafters with one-of-a-kind rarities and lost sonic treasures deserving of the mighty Two notes archive.

For starters, there’s the hidden gems, including captures inspired by Krank® Krankenstein Dimebag Darrell signature 4×12 and a Vox® Super Twin Foundation 2×15. Then, there’s a series of certified “tone-head essentials” inspired by a Marshall® 4×15 cabinet outfitted with a quartet of Celestion® G15M original drivers, a Warning®-branded 4×12 tall cabinet outfitted with a quartet of Eminence®’s infamous Cannabis Rex speakers, and even a Randall® 4×12 cabinet outfitted with Celestion® Vintage 30s. Last but by no means least, there’s a smattering of the vintage-rare and sonic-oddities including a Grindhouse Custom 1×12 and a Kalart® Victory 1×12 all-metal vintage cabinet outfitted with Jensen® Special Design C12N and Altec®-type drivers. It should be plain to see by now: this ain’t your standard rodeo sports-fans!

In creating “Grindhouse Studios Athens Presents | GridIron”, George’s mantra was simple: provide a sublime cabinet roster, captured with an exquisite mic selection and grade-A studio peripherals to guarantee seamless adaptation from the studio to the stage. Boy has he delivered! Our hats go off to you George, this is a release of titanic proportions and a certified classic from the word go!

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