Tone Heads! Proceed with Caution: Things are about to get Heavy! 

Enter Cataclysm, a GENOME Component Bundle offering the pinnacle in high-gain sonics, expertly curated with the hard-rock – and even harder metal – enthusiast in mind! 

Packing the NIFTY65 TSM Amplifier Component and a selection of staff favorite, larger-than-life DynIR captures into one Super-Saver assemblage, expect the epitome of unrelenting sonics oozing with complex harmonics, all underpinned with unfathomable low-string articulation.

We get it: when it comes to contemporary metal and modern hard-rock, nothing but the perfect blend of raw tone, explosive dynamics and expansive gain staging will suffice. For players in the market for such “balls-to-the-wall” high-gain sonics – all cemented on a bedrock of unrelenting power and deft note articulation – NIFTY65 is a first (and final) destination. 

On the all important cab front, we’ve raided our archives to unearth the perfect cab assortment for NIFTY65. Taking inspiration from Peavey®, ENGL®, Mesa Engineering® and Victory® – lest we forget a titan-grade driver assortment (including Sheffield® 1200s, HESU® Demons, Celestion® Vintage 30s and Eminence®’s DV-77 Mick Thomson signature) – the match is set for a warm, full-bodied organic tone brimming with powerful mid-range bite and cristaline highs to cut through any mix! 

In short, if you’re toting a matra focussed on tone that lays waste to all that stand before it, Cataclysm is one component assemblage you can’t afford to be without.

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