2023 All Stars

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2023 All Stars

Did you know, 2023 has seen Two notes release a whopping 123 DynIR cabinets?!

Looking to get in on that action for less? Enter the 2023 All Stars DynIR Cabinet Collection – a killer assemblage of every DynIR released across 2023! Whether it’s official brand captures, Artist-Series must-haves or essentials from our Capture Master Elite, one guarantee rings throughout: bonafide Grade-A tone that’s too hot to handle!

So, what’s included?

First, there’s Hop Pole’s Titanica Britannica – 7 primo captures delivering the pinnacle in British-born sonics. Next up, there’s Celestion with their G12M-50 Hemp back and Creamback M & H Collections. Then, there’s a Capture Master newcomer, Grindhouse Studios Athens, with GridIron – a killer assemblage of 11 captures, packed to the rafters with one-of-a-kind rarities. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a motherload of Victory® DynIRs courtesy of their “Sheriff – Texas Ranger” and “Kraken – Ultra Metal Edition” collections. Finally, rounding out the ‘Official Brands’ and ‘Capture Master’ inclusions, there’s the legendary Noise Factory with highly-revered Lost Cabinets Volume 2.

Seeking some titan-grade artist-series stylings? This collection certainly doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s Ministry’s Hod Rod Collection, Karl Sanders’ Enter The Nile, Erik Rutan’s Mana Recording Sessions, the Don Broco Collection or Romesh Dodangoda’s Studio Essentials, the 2023 All Stars delivers the pinnacle in headliner-grade sonics!

With virtually every speaker size included and a myriad of mic, cab & speaker combos, this collection is a sure-fire guarantee you’re primed for virtually any scenario from the studio to the stage.

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