The Lost Cabinets

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The Lost Cabinets

You might be thinking, with over 500 captures in our expansive DynIR library, there wouldn’t be that much left to capture. Think again! Fuelled by our unwavering mantra to empower you with only the most sought after cabinets and vintage rarities, we set a challenge to our capture master elite: go forth and unearth lost tones, forgotten relics and hidden cabs that elude the mainstream. And so, we waited…

One Friday afternoon, the phone rings at TNHQ. Caller ID: Noise Factory.
Regaling tales of raiding archives, cross referencing the catalogue and outwitting what can only be described as “Top Men”, they embarked on a capture of super-rare cabinets outfitted with a stellar selection of drivers. Needless to say, Noise Factory certainly piqued our interest.

So what’s in the collection?
In short: 7 primo captures inspired by one of the finest assemblage of brands that have ever graced the Two notes archives! First, the uber-rare Steve Luthaker Rivera® Bonehead 4×12 loaded with V30s; only 85 of these were ever made. Then, the Rivera® Hundred Twelve Duo with Celestion® G12L-55s. Add to this a RedSeven® straight 4×12 with V30s, an all original Fender® Bandmaster with 2 original Fender® Utah speakers from 1968, an original Peavey® 5150 slant 4×12 with Sheffield 1200s, and last (but not least), 2 Marshall® 4x12s with Rola G12M25s, (one specifically designed for guitar and an oversized one for bass).

Stellar Sonics? You’d better believe it. Super Rare? Oh yes! A must have for your collection? You’re damn straight! One thing’s for certain: there’s no time like the present to level up your sonics with the undeniable mojo of the previously unobtainable!

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