MII: Rock Masters Edition

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MII: Rock Masters Edition

MII may be one of our newest capture masters to enter the ring, but they sure came out swinging with their inaugural releases! MII: Rock Masters Edition combines the LA Son: Rock Edition and Crank it Up packs, all designed with a singular ethos: provide the modern player venturing into a world of high-gain and high-power with everything they need in the all-important tone department.

LA Son: Rock Edition is a fitting tribute to a legendary brand in the world of modern guitar tone. Featuring 4 captures inspired by Soldano®, this collection delivers the rich tone and exacting response your performance demands. It goes without saying, the Soldano® sound is ubiquitous in the wonderful world of the electric guitar. Deftifying clarity. Impeccable articulation. No-holds-barred gain. It’s no wonder they’re a mainstay in studios and stages internationally; a true tonal backbone for the forward thinking player!

For Crank it Up, MII really went to town! Taking inspiration from a myriad of sources including Avenged Sevenfold, Steve Vai, Wes Borland, Stanley Jordan, Greg Howe, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Navarro, Mark Tremonti and many more, these 6 captures guarantee supreme versatility and a response that has to be heard to be believed. Featuring captures inspired by VHT®, Bogner Amplification® and DV Mark®, everything the player hell-bent on complete disregard for their own hearing, but demanding uncompromising must-have tone, is here.

If you’re set on delving into the heavier side of guitar, one thing’s for certain: you need the right tools for the job. MII’s debut releases empower you with just this and a whole lot more to boot!

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