In the market for the ultimate GENOME experience? Look no further than our latest assemblage series to grace the Two notes catalog, GENOME EXTENSIONS! Introducing Volume 1 – every Premium Component from GENOME’s v1.2 release, bundled into one super saver collection!

So, What’s included?

INDY – TSM Amplifier

When it comes to a present, punchy, well-rounded and forward projecting tone that breaks into warm saturation for the ultimate edge-of-breakup tone, INDY’s just what the doctor ordered. Primed for everything from a saturated clean brimming with complex overtones – to an alt-slant on a pedal-platform amp engineered to take GENOME’s pedal arsenal like a dream – INDY is a one-stop-shop for players seeking the pinnacle in a pushed-to-the-brink clean.

Spring ‘63 PEDAL

Packing essential spring-laden tonal prowess and a fuss-free control arsenal into one convenient package, Spring ‘63 guarantees to get your tone precisely where it needs to be, fast! Taking inspiration from Fender®’s much revered ‘63 Tube Reverb Unit, expect all the warmth, clarity, control and immediately identifiable verb that defined – and continues to redefine – the sound of a generation.

NIFTY65 – TSM Amplifier

We get it: when it comes to contemporary metal and modern hard-rock, nothing but the perfect blend of raw tone, explosive dynamics and expansive gain staging will suffice. For players in the market for such “balls-to-the-wall” high-gain sonics – all cemented on a bedrock of unrelenting power and deft note articulation – NIFTY65 is a first (and final) destination.

TetraVerb – STUDIO FX Component

Inspired by iconic reverb units including Fender®’s ‘63 Tube Reverb Unit, Roland’s RE-201 Spring component and Gibbs® embedded tank heritage, TetraVerb has been engineered to empower players of all walks with the crux of a modern day verb legacy. Packing 4 spring models (including Short, Balanced, Lush and Vintage), there’s a smorgasbord of flavors to excite your creativity from the word “go”. For the tone-tweakers, every mainstay control you demand from a studio-grade Spring Reverb is here: from dialling in your Spring Tension, one or Width, to cutting your verb through any mix on a dime with a handy “Spank” control, expect the epitome of a pro-spec control arsenal all engineered to get your tone where it needs to be, fast!

Included in this Component Pack


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