Engl®: Bluegrass State Collective

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Engl®: Bluegrass State Collective

2022 has seen Engl® release some of their most formidable captures to date, in part paying homage to an undeniable legend in the annals of speakers, Eminence®. With humble roots dating back to 1965, Eminence® founder and engineer Bob Gault was originally commissioned by Ampeg to provide Bass Speakers at a rate of three a day, entirely out of his garage. Today, Eminence® is a powerhouse force to be reckoned with, cemented as one of the world’s largest – and most revered – loudspeaker manufacturers, trusted by the playing elite for night-after-night reliable sonics.

So, what happens when you fuse the pinnacle in German-born precision with nefarious tonal horsepower inspired by this Bluegrass speaker legend? Engl®’s new-for-2022 Signature 77 and Kentucky Rougarou releases of course. Can’t decide which one’s best for you? Our answer: Pick up both in the monstrous Bluegrass State Collective DynIR Cab pack!

Engl®, we salute you! The combination of Engl®’s current critically-acclaimed cabinet roster with the exceptional balance and totalitarian full-range response of a DV77 inspired capture – not to mention the thick, surgically tuned sonics inspired by the titanic Swamp Thang – is a stroke of pure genius. Packing stellar articulation, a thick meaty low-end and lashings of tonal exactitude, this collection of 10 captures are certified must-haves for the modern high-gain enthusiast seeking to inject some Behemoth-class tone into their rig

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