“Summer Sale 2022”

Terms and Conditions

  • The Two notes Summer Sale (2022) starts on 7th July 2022, 4pm CET and terminates on 31st August 2022, 9am CET. The offer takes place on the Two notes website exclusively (https://www.two-notes.com)
  • Two notes reserves the right to end any discount schemes without prior notice.
  • During the noted promotional period, users that: 
    • Spend 50€/$ will secure an automatic 20% discount (valid on DynIR / DynIR collection purchases Only)
    • Spend 100 €/$ will secure an automatic 25% discount (valid on DynIR / DynIR collection purchases Only)
    • Spend 150 €/$ will secure an automatic 35% discount (valid on DynIR / DynIR collection purchases Only) + a 50€/$ (USD) gift card to spend store wide (including the Two notes hardware store)
  • Promotional pricing will be displayed on the Two notes store basket as DynIR collections / individual DynIRs are added to the cart for purchase, providing such meet the value requirements outlined in the breakers above
  • The automatic coupon codes SUMMERSALE20, SUMMERSALE25 and SUMMERSALE35 are not compatible with all available coupon codes. Specifically, they are not compatible with Buy 4 get 1 FREE, Buy 6 get 2 FREE, Buy 8 get 4 FREE, Buy 10 get 6 FREE.
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card will be emailed to qualifying customers post purchase and will include no fixed end date. 
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card can not be used in conjunction with other store promotions / discount offers
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card can only be redeemed once; unspent funds will not be made available for future redemption
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card is unique, tied to the qualifying user’s account, as such this cannot be transferred to a separate Two notes account for redemption. 
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card cannot be exchanged for cash and is only redeemable on the Two notes site directly.
  • The 50€/$ (USD) gift card can only be used on cart values that exceed 55€/$ (USD)
  • This special offer can be used multiple times by the same customer within the promotional period; users spending 150€/$ (USD) within multiple separate transactions will qualify for multiple gift cards 
  • DynIR cabinets cannot be sold, transferred to other users and/or redeemed for cash
  • Two notes Audio Engineering does not offer returns, rebates, or any other value in the event of technical malfunctions based on the software used, or lack thereof, at the time of the purchase. The onus is on the customer to understand the proprietary nature of the Two notes ecosystem and how and where the DynIR cabinets can be used