Looking to save on some must-have DynIRs from our ever expanding catalogue of next-generation virtual cabinets?

Hot Picks is here to answer your call! Featuring 10 hand-picked DynIRs, bundled into a limited time pack for only 49€/$49(USD), it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your DynIR armoury – not-to-mention supercharge your tonal versatility!

Hurry though, this is only available for one Month from it’s launch! Clocks Ticking – Better Hit That Buy Button!

Our 10 select cabs for April straight-up register 15m on the scoville scale! Inspired by Big Name Brands including Victory®, Engl®, Zilla® and VHT® to name but a few, this collection of cabs guarantee to give your tone that scorching edge you demand!


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