As part of our never ended mission to bring only the best cabinets to you, the Two notes customer, we are proud to announce the release of the DynIR “Phil X Collection” and welcome Phil to the Two notes family!

Contained in the pack are 5 of Phil’s favorite cabinets, the ones he insists on using live and out on tour. Phil is an extremely fussy tone chaser and as a rule hates for anything to interrupt his signal. So much so, when we heard he was trying out a Captor X we got kinda nervous.. But, fortunately for us, his response has been amazing! He loves it so much he took it straight out and used it on Bon Jovi shows. The only issue was that as much as he loved the cabinets he could use, he wanted to use his own… so, we captured them for him.

The cabinets in this collection are

Phil X Master of Tone

Captured from an open back Magnatone® 1×8″ with a Jensen® “Special Design” speaker

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Phil X Mars 412

Captured from a closed back Marshall® 4×12″ 1960B with Celestion® G12-75 speakers

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Phil X MLC

Captured from a MLC Custom® closed back 4×12″ with WGS® Veteran 30 speakers

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Phil X Mars 212

Captured from a closed back Marshall® 2×12″ P.A. cabinet with Celestion® G12-65 speakers

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Phil X Super 108

Captured from a closed back Supro® 1×8″ with a Jensen® CBR speaker

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Each of these cabinets has an amazing back story and are integral to Phil’s legendary tone. The 5 cabinets were meticulously captured with 8 studio microphones through vintage Neve® 1061 preamps at Ocean Way Studios (Nashville) and the Pop Machine (Indianapolis).The 4 DynIR’s created at Ocean Way Studios were engineered by Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award winning Producer / Engineer, Ben Fowler.

You can buy the Phil X Collection here!

You can hear all about the cabinets, delivered in Phil’s unique style, in the video below.

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