Two notes release the Torpedo Wall of Sound v4.4.0 21st June 2021 We have rolled out a vital update for the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in. We have simplified the registration / log-in procedure to ensure we only collect the minimum amount of data required from our users. This is a vital update to ensure your privacy is maximise and to protect your online security. As well as this vital security update, we have also completely revamped the discount structure for when custom selections of packs are being made. Instead of the regular discount model that has been in place for years, we have introduced a brand new “get free cabinets” method. New discounts!   As this represents a total overhaul of the embedded functionality of the Two notes store with the Wall of Sound plug-in, ALL previous versions of the plug-in are no longer supported by Two notes and you will not be able to search the Two notes store and preview cabs without updating. We apologize if this update causes any inconvenience or disruption this may bring to your workflow.

7 thoughts on “Essential Wall of Sound update

  1. Ma Ni says:

    Are there any sonic/audio/tonal benefits from updating to the newer version, if I’m happy with what I have so far ?
    I’m quite happy with the previous version, and managed to download the new free cab-package + licenses and made it work on my MacOs 10.9.5 even though I can no longer buy new cab-irs from inside the plugin.
    Some developers claim that their plugins will work even on MacOs 10.9.5, but the plugins don’t load inside Garageband, so can’t be used…
    For example STL IGNITE PULSE or even the oldest version of IGNITE Emissary, will not load in MacOs 10.9.5, even though STL claim it will, although all the other IGNITE plugins work fine !

    Maybe if a new version of Wall Of Sound included wav-export, like GGD ZillaCab & CaliCab does, it would make sense to update to new version of Wall Of Sound !

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