LE crunch PREAMP

LE crunch PREAMP

Le Crunch Preamp comes with a lifetime licence of Torpedo Wall of Sound, complete with an incredible selection of 16 DynIR cabinets. With a wide range of included effects, you can mix your Amp DIs to studio standards.

  • Alichino : Inspired by Cornford® Harlequin 1×12” OB Celestion® Vintage 30 UK
  • Angl VintC : Inspired by Engl® 4×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Bayou : Inspired by Jenkins® Sound Lab 2×12” OB Eminence® Patriot Swamp Thang
  • Blonde 63 : Inspired by Fender® Bassman ’63 Blonde Tolex Piggy Back 2×12″
  • Brit 65O : Inspired by Marshall® 1965A 4×10″ Celestion® G10L-35 open back
  • Brit Std : Inspired by Marshall® JCM900 2×12″ Celestion® G12T
  • Brit VintC : Inspired by Marshall® Slash Signature 4×12″ Celestion® V30 closed back
  • Green Tri : Inspired by Hughes & Kettner® Triamp 4×12″ Celestion® Greenback
  • Can Abyss : Inspired by Supro® Clone 1×12” OB Eminence® Patriot Cannabis Rex Hemp Cone
  • Ferret :Inspired by Suhr® Badger 2×12” OB Warehouse® Veteran30
  • Forest : Inspired by Elmwood® 2×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Free Rock2 : Inspired by VHT® Deliverance 2×12″ Eminence® P50E
  • Prime B : Inspired by Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2×12” OB Celestion® Blue
  • Silver Jen : Inspired by Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12″ Jensen® C12K
  • Voice 30 : Inspired by Original Vox® AC30 JMI 2×12″ Celestion® “Silver Bell”
  • Watt FanC : Inspired by Hiwatt® 2×12″ Fane® closed back


  • Four classic tube types : EL84, EL34, 6L6, KT88
  • Two circuit types : Class A (Single Ended) and Class A/B (Push-Pull)
  • Two tube modes : Pentode and Triode
  • Volume, Contour and Depth knobs


  • Sculpts the tone coming out of the Virtual Cabinet
  • Five customisable semi-parametric bands going from -20dB to +20dB (and a low-cut filter)


  • Dynamics and frequency shaping tool to beef up your tone
  • Low and High knobs for low-end and high-end emphasis


  • 8 legacy Room Ambience algorithms (Studio A & B, Loft, Cathedral, Basement, Hall A & B, Crypt)


  • Based on high-end studio rack compressors


  • Virtual Cabinets come with captures from 8 studio and live microphones (Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon)
  • Dynamic IRs are phase-corrected, preventing any phase issue
  • Blend two microphones together
  • Have direct access to 400+ Virtual Cabinets via the DynIR Cabinet Collection


  • Distance : from close miking to room tone, seamlessly
  • Axis : from cone center to speaker shell, seamlessly
  • Front and back of the cabinet

Everything you need to know about the Preamp pedals
There is simply too much to write here about what sets these apart from the others. If you want to go full nerd, you can in this article.

What is “Fusion Mode”?
Fusion mode allows you to stack the two difference channels of the Preamps. You can find more about it in this article.

What’s the difference between Channel A and B?
With two very distinct voicings, it’s like having two very different preamps in one unit. You can find more out about the channels in this article.

Is it 100% analog?
Apart from a couple of internal microcontrollers that are not within the audio path, the Preamps are 100% analog.

Can I change the built-in cab sim? Can I load IRs?
The speaker sim within the Preamps are analog and are hardwired in. There are no Virtual Cabinets or IRs within the unit.

Preamp tube

Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG

Input / Output

Input :
1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) 1 MOhms impedance

Return* :
1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) 2.2 MOhms impedance
Max input level : 17dBu
*Unbuffered, directly connected to Output when active

Output :
1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) 300 Ohms impedance
Max output level : 11dBu

Thru* :
1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) 1 MOhms impedance
*Unbuffered, directly connected to Input

Send :
1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) 300 Ohms impedance
Max output level : 11dBu

DI Output :
XLR balanced 600 Ohms impedance
Max output level : 10dBu

Phones :
1/8″ Jack balanced (TRS)

Tone control 

Channel A :
Passive Bass / Treble tonestack

Channel B:
Passive Bass / Treble tonestack
Active Mid/Sweep control
Gain : -18 to +6 dB
Frequency : 300Hz to 1.5kHz


Power input connector:
DC connector, 2.1mm x 5.5mm, center negative

Supplied adapter:
100-240v AC to 12v DC 1A

Power consumption:
Approximately 6W

Current consumption:

Dimensions & weight

Width x Depth x Height*:
12.4cm x 18.9cm x 5cm – 4.9″ x 7.5″ x 2″
*Including connectors and knobs

Weight: 750 g / 1.65 lbs