Fall Frenzy!

US Exclusive | Instant Rebates Available Now Across The Two Notes Line

New Season: New Rig! This Fall, spice up your setup and dive headfirst into the Two notes class-leading ecosystem with instant rebates available for Captor X, Captor and C.A.B. M+ from participating US retailers only.

No forms.

No hanging around for a rebate cheque.

When we say it’s instant, we mean it!

Simply select your preferred US Two notes stockist below, decide which Two notes bestseller is right-for-your-rig, Click-to-Cart and Save up to $100! That’s right folks, you can grab the almighty Captor X for just $499.99, the industry standard Captor for only $219.99 and (the definitive proof that big things come in small packages) C.A.B. M+ for a measly $249.99. Here’s the snag, come the 24th October, all rebates close. Our advice: hit that buy button today!

Terms and conditions apply.


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