Audio DSP Researcher, Experimental Products


Job Description

OROSYS is seeking an Audio DSP Researcher with demonstrated ability to create new algorithms and techniques to be used by Two notes for the development of future products. This Engineer should have a strong understanding of the musical instrument (MI) industry and thrive in a growing company enviroment.

What you'll do

  • Stay up to date on latest publications in relevant audio, acoustic, CS fields
  • Synthesize relevant papers/publications for discussion and potential application with stakeholders and R&D staff
  • Create code prototypes for in house sound designers and product marketing
  • Attend and advise weekly R&D meetings on current products in development

What we're looking for

  • PhD in computer science, acoustics, mathematics, or equivalent experience with evidence of abilities
  • DSP programming skills in C, C++, and python or equivalent
  • Technical depth in DSP, acoustics and electronics
  • 5 years of experience in industry or research
  • Developed algorithms and architected audio DSP systems for shipping products
  • Experience with a modern DAW environment
  • Excellent writing and internal and external communication skills
  • Problem solving skills and motivation to work in a dynamic, fast paced, rapid task switching environment
  • Experience developing with audio and plugin frameworks e.g. JUCE, Max/MSP, Audio Weaver, VST plugins, Audio Unit plugins
  • Understanding of the values of agile software development

About the company

OROSYS SAS was founded in 2008 by Dr. Guillaume Pille. Today OROSYS SAS’ ethos is underpinned with one singular vision: to create solutions that inspire our customer’s creativity to make amazing music with flawless, controllable, tone. OROSYS SAS’ is rooted in a culture of improvement and betterment; we consistently uncover improved means of developing hardware and software products, while striving to minimize perception gaps, capitalize on our own research, and document accordingly. 


OROSYS SAS includes the following brands: 

Two notes Audio Engineering [Electric Guitar and Bass products]



Barthe [Educational Classroom Technology]



Corporate Office:

76 Mine Street, 34980 Saint-Gély-du-Fesc

OROSYS operates in Montpellier, London, Honk Kong, Nashville and Los Angeles.


Send your CV and cover letter to the attention of Charles Etienne by opening a ticket on our website ( in the Jobs category.

Our Company

Orosys / Two notes Audio Engineering is a company based in the South of France. We have designed and sold innovative products for more than 13 years.

We have an internationally recognized reputation in the field of Virtual Cabinets (including the whole audio spectrum of the miking process and amplifier modeling) for electric guitar/bass with our award winning Torpedo range of hardware and software products.