Hop Pole: “The Best of British” – DynIR collection!

If you spend more than approximately 10 seconds in the Two notes DynIR store, you’ll [...]

Laney Amplification: “The Laney Collection” – Available in DynIR

Laney, the Lion roars! One of the most synonymous names with great British guitar tone [...]


Two notes Tone Vault – The Winners!

Two Notes Tone Vault – The Winners! If you are reading this, you are probably [...]

How does a rotary pedal work?

My absolute favorite modulation effect of all time is the Leslie recreation, commonly known as [...]

BHG release “The Hidden Gem Collection” – Vai Cabinets

You want to play through a legendary speaker cabinet as owned and used by Steve [...]

How does a wah pedal work?

Time to turn our attention to one of the most overused (**cough** Kirk Hammett) yet [...]

How does a chorus pedal work?

One of the most overused effects of our time is the humble Chorus pedal (especially [...]

What is the difference between DynIR and Impulse Response?

Simply put, the Two notes DynIR are dynamic where as a regular impulse response is [...]


Phil X – Artist Series of DynIR virtual cabinets

As part of our never ended mission to bring only the best cabinets to you, [...]


George Lynch – Artist Series of DynIR virtual cabinets

It has long been our dream to be able to bring you, the Two notes [...]

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