Native of Marseille France, he play as bassist with DAGOBA.

Melodic Death Metal band formed in 1997 and composed from high school friends of same influences (Machine Head, Fear Factory, Slipknot), Dagoba quickly attracted attention with a very promising first title ‘Time 2 Go’ in 1998.

The group’s reputation will fly from the 2000s after changing the ‘line-up’ and the release of a first EP of 6 explosive titles, in the ‘Power Metal’ style which will become their trademark: ‘Release the Fury’ gets them in with the big guns.

“One of the jewels of French metal” will write the magazine ‘Rock Sound’.

The time touring through France and compose their first album in 2003 simply named ‘Dagoba’,

“Awesome, huge, a real masterpiece”, 15 titles that open the doors of the European scene.

In 2006 will release ‘What Hell Is About’, an album expected as a confirmation, which has its release will prove to be the expected confirmation: The echoes of the press are even more flattering than for the release of their previous album.

Not slowing down the pace, they will be on tour throughout Europe in spring 2006 with ‘In Flames’ and ‘Sepultura’, which finally gives the group the international recognition that they deserved for a long time and soon will come the big festivals like: Hellfest (France), Graspop (Belgium), Summer Breeze (Germany) and an opening for ‘Metallica’ (Spain).

It took them only six years to position themselves on top of ‘Heavy Metal’ by developing their musical talents, improving their gigantic sound with something organic while affirming themselves as brilliant composers.

In 2008 they work on a resolutely different album in order to show a facet of the band that the public does not know. They will give birth to “Face the Colossus” an epic album which offers the listener images and a martial universe. Behind this half-hearted opus Dagoba had to up the ante and it is in 2008 that they will do it by embarking us on the seas of the globe aboard the “Poseidon” : An album that renews with the energy of the first titles.

The fifth album “Post Mortem Nihil Est” will be released in 2013 and even if it is not unanimous, the band continues concerts and festivals in 2014, with the release of a live DVD “Hellfest MMXIV”, a slaughter full of unforgettable moments, not to mention the famous “fucking wall of death” closing the show that will remain in the anal festival.

After an American tour alongside Japanese Dir En Gray, which will open the doors of Japan, 2015 will see the release of “Tales Of The Black Dawn”, then in 2017 after a tour in the land of the rising sun, the album “Black Nova”, which for a twenty years group, remains resolutely modern, as can be seen from the number of dates on the 2018 tour.

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