‘The Torpedo Studio really changes the way that I’ve gone about recording guitars in my home studio.’ – Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is one of the most gifted guitarists to emerge from the 80’s music scene. Stevens picked up the acoustic guitar at only seven years of age, and by the age of 13 he got his first electric guitar and was soon influenced by early progressive rock bands like Genesis, Yes, and King Crimson.

It was in the early 80’s that Stevens hooked up with ex-Generation X singer Billy Idol. Idol found the perfect partner in Stevens, and Idol’s career skyrocketed, as he became one of MTV’s early video stars spurred on by Stevens’ inventive guitar work and outrageous glam rock image.

Later Steve Stevens played on recordings by Michael Jackson, Ric Ocasek and Robert Palmer among others. Additionally, Stevens appeared on the mega-selling 1986 soundtrack to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun which earned Stevens a Grammy Award for Pop Instrumental Performance,

In 2008, Stevens released the critically acclaimed instrumental album ‘Memory Crash’ and in 2011, we will see Steve Stevens and Billy Idol celebrate a 30-year partnership that is stronger today than ever.

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