Ce que j’aime chez les produits Two Notes c’est la précision, la polyvalence mais surtout la haute qualité du son qu’ils me procurent !

At 6 years old, I started learning the classical guitar.
At 11 years, I switched to the saxophone and afters 3 yers of studying I graduated from an academic institution.
At 18 years old, I was feeling the lack of the guitar, so I just went back to the guitar but this time it was self-taught electric guitar.

Then, I played in various bands which all had their own styles. So I could explore rock, jazz, metal, punk, funk, blues or ska.
In 2011, I studied at the Music Academy International from Nancy where I perfected my guitar playing, my theoretical knowledge as well as my musicality.

After getting my degree, the famous guitar strings brand Elixir offers me an endorsement contract. Then I found an acoustic band with 2 promo friends : Aerisian. We compose acoustic instrumental music with a lot of various influences. We’ve relased 2 albums et played in more than 40 gigs.

I create pedagogical projects like “Touche Ton Manche” which had special episodes only made for the french guitar magazine “Guitar Part” and also projects like “Daily Shred” and “Ca grattouille”.
I aslo arranged and recorded various musics from pop culture and released 3 CD and an audiotape for an event company.

The luthier Hugo Mermet also trust in me and offers me an endorsement so as the picks brand Les Mediators Le Niglo and the brand also offers me the possibility to release a signature model pick : the N-IV3 .

I wrote articles for website GuitareDomination.com, CarpeDiese.fr & HGuitare.com. I joined the pedagogical team of HGuitare where I frequently give masterclasses.

Recently I create a prog/fusion band named “Proteus Project”. The first EP will release soon.

I composed musics and themes for French short movies, for communication fort various companies, for a remake for a video game and also for advertisings with broadcasting on French national TV channel France 3 & France 4 and for the radios RFM & Virgin Radio.

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