Roman Rouzine is a French-Ukrainian guitarist, born in Dniepropetrovsk, a city located in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Ever since his early childhood, Roman has been surrounded by classical music and traditional melodies, which led him to start playing the guitar at the age of 16. At 19, he entered the great and well known french school of current music « Tous en Scène ». After achieving it head of the class with excellent results, Roman joined the education team of the school at the age of 21 as a guitar teacher. He’s still currently giving guitar lessons there.

Soon, Roman’s virtuosity on the electric guitar and his melodic sense are noticed by the professionals of the music sphere, especially the guitar one. As a result, he worked almost 5 years for the famous magazine « Guitar Part » where he did around 40 articles and appeared in many DVDs about guitar-playing technique, virtuosity on the instrument and classical performance.

In the mean time, Roman signed his first endorsement contracts with prestigious brands which are still insuring him a steady and long term support and a great recognition of his work.

Roman develops his carreer in the neoclassical style, on the boundary between modern metal and classical music. He already has a wide discography : a solo EP released in 2008 entitled « The Tragic Circle », a solo album released in 2014 entitled « Genesis of Delirium »,an album with the band Opus Doria released in 2016 entitled « The Compass Rose » and many other performances as a guest on other bands’ albums (Franck Graziano, Guitar Addiction 2, Last Avenue…)

Roman had the great pleasure to give concerts in many places in France with his trio and with the band Opus Doria. In solo, he took part in showcases and masterclass as well.

Roman is currently working on in new solo album which will be released in the second half of 2018. This album will depict a balanced universe between the sensibility of the classical music and the modern energy of the metal world.

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