Rabea Massaad, Bea (beer) for short, was saturated with music from a very early age.

As soon as he could walk, Rabea was smashing away on a drum kit. At primary school he formed his first band, playing drums, aged 7.

He has since taught himself several instruments and has found that his real passion lies in guitar. He has been playing guitar for 8 years and has packed many years of composing, studio and gigging experience in this short time.

Influenced by many great musicians including Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Joe Satriani, and Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, alongside smaller influences such as John Petrucci and Steve Vai, Rabea’s eclectic taste shines through when playing his guitar.

Rabea has now embarked on a new approach to the music industry by attending the Academy Of Contemporary Music to push his musical and creative output as far as possible alongside his fellow bandmates.

Through this, he has gotten involved in several big projects. Alongside working with Rob Chapman to form the band Dorje who have entered into the rock/metal music scene with a punch (#1 UK rock chart 2015 and charting in over 30 countries in 2016) and with his second project Toska (#1 Bandcamp global charts 2016) while also growing a substantial following on YouTube – meanwhile using the Torpedo Studio in his musical endeavours along the way.

Rabea has designed multiple signature model guitars with Chapman Guitars and amplifiers with Victory Amplification and is setting his sights on how he can continue to innovate with guitar tone.

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