To proced in chronological order, Pierre Le Pape learned music very early, at 5 years old. He had a fairly classical course with passage to the conservatory and a few breaks during adolescence, a period where everyone generally prefers to go out with friends than to work on music. In the meantime, he felt into Metal and set up his first group with high school buddies. In parallel with his studies, he played in different bands, in variuous kind of styles, from heavy metal to black metal. The keyboard is not the king instrument, but when it is needed, it’s quickly solicited. He thus landed in the band Embryonic Cells, that he had to leave with regret in 2015 because Melted Space taked him too much time.

Pierre Le Pape is an ambitious and motivated French artist! This gentleman has himself set up a big project of Symphonic Metal Opera with many guests, most of them French, but not only, for an explosive result: Melted Space.

Melted Space comes from the fact that when he decided to create this universe, he did not want to set any limits, he wanted to mix his different influences, different themes. The idea of ​​”Melted” was quickly imposed.

Melted Space was not immediately a follow-up project, but a clean style, straight out of the imagination and talent of his composer.

He had thrown a big block into the pond in 2012 with his first concept album From The Past, followed the next year by EP Between. High standards of composition and selected guests, particularly the singers, gave rise to a very enthusiastic reception.

The Great Lie comes to relieve the impatience of lovers of beautiful melodies with again the competition of a beautiful troupe of prestigious guests. This time, Pierre will put the dishes in the big since he will also have the support of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague for symphonic parts, mixing classical music, films and of course, Metal, not being afraid to push sometimes to the most extreme styles.

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