The same sound every night… an impulse response that I create myself, my own studio sound on the road with me, all can fit in the front seat of a car.

Peter Thorn is the perfect example of the fact that if someone who is willing to take the giant step of leaving home for the big city and work hard at his craft, a lot of really good things can happen along the way.

Peter left his native Canada for Hollywood, soaked up as much information has he could, worked constantly on his chops and sound, and eventually became a much in-demand session and touring guitarist and artist in his own right.

Pete Thorn has played lead guitar for Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge, Chris Cornell, Courtney Love, and other star singers. He has also created one of the most successful guitar gear demo channels on the Web. Presented by Line 6 and Helix, this episode finds Thorn conversing and jamming with host Jude Gold, who is determined to find out exactly how Thorn forged his sound and developed his career.

Peter is a shining example of a professional musician – excellent chops, excellent sounds (who sings great as well), yet easy-going, humble and approachable.

On stage he uses two Torpedo Live with two “Suhr PT100 Signature” amplifiers that he uses in stereo

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