NOEIN was born in the fall of 2007 from the ashes of Norman groups. The group quickly composes what will become its trademark in a Cyber-Metal tinted of Melodic Death, between Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork and Arch Enemy and immediately started touring.

In January 2009, NOEIN has the chance to shoot a video directed by Yannis Cacaux for Moonrise Pictures. The title “Chrysalis” will mark a turning point in the composition of the band’s universe as it will continue to develop around a futuristic atmosphere cradled by science fiction. In this universe, a corporation of sellers would control the people and be abble to mass produce human beings. “Chrysalis” illustrates the birth of one of these copies for sale as an object of consumption.

In November 2009, NOEIN signs with the associative label: Les Arts Bourrins.

NOEIN completely embraces the concept of Cyber-Metal by telling in the course of his songs, a futuristic and post-apocalyptic science-fiction story. The first EP ‘The Initial Tale’ relating the beginning of the story, comes out in April 2010. It will be followed by the album ‘Infection-Erasure-Replacement’ released first in February 2013 in accompaniment of Metallian # 76, then in May 2013 on the Klonosphere label and distributed by Season of Mist during a Sepultura opening release party.

The group has proven its worth. on the regional scene, being supported by the ‘Musiques Actuelles de Haute-Normandie’ Network from 2012 to 2014 and playing at the ‘ Rock Dans Tous ses Etats’ festival but also at the national level being the group representing France at the Wacken Open. Air Metal Battle in 2011 where the group came in second behind the Israelis Hammercult.

NOEIN defends a dense, violent and narrative music by giving concerts full of energy that allowed them to open among others for Gojira, Eths (the last concert of Candice in 2012), Dagoba … and go on tour with Otargos in 2014.

Audrey from the Emma-O and Fake Messiah bands replacing Jenni on vocals since 2015, the band took a little time to compose and find their new rhythm. NOEIN, who celebrated his 10th birthday in 2017, is now ready to set on fire French scenes with his new EP ‘After The Ashes’ released on December 1st!

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