The most revolutionary inventions are often the simplest, simple ones like the Torpedo.

In all circumstances, a guitar, an amp, a torpedo, the sound…

The super French guitar fusion guitar player, Kenny Serane, started playing guitar at age 14. After 2 years of self directed learning he decide to attend music school, studying the sort of techniques you cover at GIT or Berklee.

Since then he has made a living as a well respected professional guitarist. He has had gigs with a number of recognised French bands and also in his studio based session work, including the Eurovision contest and work for the popular Guitar Xtreme magazine.

In 2003, Kenny founded the band Workshop whose music ranges from electro to metal styles. In 2010, he composed and recorded for many artists, his guitars featuring on more than 40 albums. After a second Workshop album, Beyond The Unknown Territory, Kenny released the splendid Rainbowmaker, in June 2012, all the guitars of which have been recorded with his beloved Torpedo VB-101.

Kenny’s musical journey took him at least 2000 days, through his contributions to his own bands and as a session guitarist.

Based on an artistic idea of Nelly Tadjer, Kenny founded the biggest online guitar competition: “The French Guitar Contest”. The French answer the call with famous guitarists Patrick Rondat, Norbert “Nono” Krief, Jean-Michel Kajdan and Stephan Forté.The second edition started on March 11, 2013.

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