Using Le Clean and Torpedo C.A.B.

Jurandir Santana is consider one of the greatest guitarists from Brazil with a unique style, has been dedicated to the research of the complexity of brazilian music.

His relationship with music began at the age of 10. Today, Jurandir Santana has a respected curriculum, worked with big names of brazilian artists and worldwide music like as Gilberto Gil, Gal costa, Rosa Passos, Daniela Mercury and many others,

As like a teacher was invited to made workshops in Berklee College of Music (USA) , Western Illinois University (USA).

In 2006 Jurandir Santana released his first album ” Só Brasil “. A work that is the result of years of research that comes with a new sound with discovering new nuances of brazilian music. This album which invites us to know the richness of brazilian rhythms such as frevo, maracatu, chula, samba de roda and Ijexá won the Braskem prize as like as better jazz cd of Bahia.

His next album, Um Segundo, also offers us elegance and precision.

Jurandir Santana has been slowly creating a highly personal style, he is presented as an explorer of new sounds, with living songs, populated here and there with allegories that echo the sounds that define the worlds, making him one who is able to capture the wind.

A well-known Brazilian musician, Jurandir Santana has earned a well-deserved reputation as a prestigious musician on the international stage.

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